Budgeting made easy with pigly.com

Budgeting made easy with pigly.com

I have always been a girl who can never live by a budget. If I ever get a chance to change something about my younger self is that I should have been budgeting. Back then, I worked for over five years before moving to the US, and trust me, I saved nothing from my salary. I always spent it out on random things. It feels terrible to think about it now but I was still the same until the pandemic hit the world.

Life has never been the same for most of us and I am immensely grateful to God that I am alive. During the lockdown, I have started learning new things and picked up some habits. I decided to be financially safe and wanted to prepare for the worst. I wanted to keep track of my finances but I was lost as I was confused with too many unwanted numbers.


That’s when pigly.com came to my rescue. This is an online website that offers help with anything related to personal finances. When I say help, it helps literally anyone with no prior knowledge about budgeting. The website provides us with a variety of online calculators related to finances and budgeting.

Pigly.com offers advice and help related to the following:

  • Savings
  • Mortgages
  • Credit cards
  • Vehicles
  • Loans
  • Debts
  • Businesses

The Budgeting Calculator and the Credit card usage calculator

I know I wanted to try this the moment I opened the website. Overall, I am really bad at keeping track of my expenses and saving money. I used the credit card usage calculator to know my current balance and the interest and calculated the total debt. Am I scared? Yes.

Creating budget plans.

Even though I am a bit nervous, I tried the budgeting calculator where I filled the details like my income, the bills that I usually pay, utilities, loans, recreation, clothes etc., After changing the monthly limit on entertainment and shopping, my budget looks like it is workable. These calculators did shock me for a minute, I never did notice how much I was spending on the useless stuff.

Supermarket shopping.

Why do I want to continue budgeting?

By now you may have understood why I need to budget. I want to be responsible and I want to be less worried about my future. I want to take charge of my finances like a boss and if it takes some sacrifices, I am ready for it.

The pandemic did teach me a lot of new things about myself – I learned that I can become what I want and I don’t need anyone around me to teach me stuff. I have learned that I am my own boss.

Saving jars for future expenses

I hope you start your journey to budgeting today… Thanks.