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How to Get Softer Hands Overnight

How to Get Softer Hands Overnight



Hey Girls.. Winter is here already and my hands have the most problem with this. The skin on my face is combination and oily but luckily it is not turning out to be very dry as of now. But my body has become very dry, especially my hands. I do not any work at my home except the usual get fresh sort of. Still, my hands are really dry now. I know most of us face the similar issue. Few of us know how to take proper care of the scene but not many know that this process is quite simple and easy.

Here I present you the quickest and easiest way to get softer hands in a night. Night is the perfect time for the body to relax and get rejuvenated on it’s own. So let’s take the advantage of it.

Things We Need :
1. Olive Oil ( you can Buy Olive Oil from Amazon)
2. Sugar / Rock Salt slightly crushed
3. Almond Oil ( you can Buy Almond Oil )
4. Gloves

Mix Sugar and Olive Oil. Once mixed, start scrubbing your hands with this mixture. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before starting the process. Basically we need sugar/salt to get some gritty mixture to exfoliate our dry skin. I prefer Sugar. Treating dry hands is easy but it just need a bit of your time.



After scrubbing, clean off with water. Pat dry. Later apply almond oil to hands and massage until it gets absorbed. After that, take your cutest gloves and wear them and go to bed.



That’s it! You see, the process is so simple and you will wake up with the softest hands.
Do let me know if you ever get to try this method.And feel the difference !! 


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