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#Rubique 18K White Gold Studs Review

Rubique 18K White Gold Studs Review

Spoil yourself or someone you know with this beautiful irresistible piece, for any occasion and sure to get a lot of attention! Special gift idea. No matter if you’re shopping for your own mother, or your grandmother, wife, daughter, or granddaughter, touch their heart with this beautiful, stunning and unique pair of jewelry.

Rubique 18K White Gold Studs Review

Rubique 18K White Gold Studs Review

More about the White Gold Studs:
Lead/Nickel Free
Material: Zircon
Weight(grams): 3.80

$6.49 buy here

Rubique 18K White Gold Studs

Rubique 18K White Gold Studs

My take on Rubique 18K White Gold Studs:
Like any other girl, I love jewelry. When I say jewelry, I meant every kind of jewelry irrespective of the type, diamond rings, made etc.
This pair of Rubique 18K White Gold Studs were sent to me to try. The very first thing, I noticed is the shine. The stone in the stud shines like crazy. It is just so perfect for a date night or I may even want to wear them for my formal meetings. I loved the fit of these. The size can seem a bit bigger for people who are not into medium sized studs but on my oval shaped face, these set to be perfect. The white gold plating is not a cheap looking metal. The finish is great. It didn’t give me any allergies. I must say that I have been asked about these twice on the day I wore them. I knew the people loved the way they shine. Irrespective of the ages, I am sure any woman/girl can rock these with a plain white gold chain necklace or with no other accessories at all. I tried to capture the shine in the best way possible, but I am sure that my pictures didn’t do right justice to the reality.

Also, I have been told that they would send me just a pair of studs but to my surprise, they sent me a silver hangings too. I am not much into hangings, so I gave them to my friend. Overall, Rubique 18K White Gold Studs are cheap but worth more than we actually pay.

Rubique 18K White Gold Plated Studs Review

Rubique 18K White Gold Plated Studs Review


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