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My Shopping Cart – Online Shopping In India

My Shopping Cart – Online Shopping In India

End of Season Sale, End of Reason Sale, Summer Sale, Electronics Sale and my mind Sale!
Aamir Khan ne bola, “Ye deal bhi kya cheez hai”
Akshay Kumar ne bola, “Tu cheez badi hai masth masth!
So I equated it by canceling cheez, resulting, “Ye deal Bhi hai masth masth!!”* for every deal in every e-commerce site 😀


Before the tsunami of e-commerce websites began, there was only one budding site, which offered a great deal with no Cash On Delivery option in those days to my location. I loved the deal but I was so skeptical about the payment. After all, I wasn’t earning at that time 🙁 I visited the website every day, proceeded to payment, only to end up canceling it. This repeated for quite a few days and one fine day, the deal went off. I was only left with “should have” and “could have”s. That moment, the shopping devil inside me arose and started the endless search for best deals.

Buying products Online in India is crazy

Fortunately, after the huge success of the above mentioned budding company, many sites took birth and started offering their cute deals. By that time, I started earning too :D. So you can guess what happened next. 😉

Clothes, Electronics, Makeup products, Shoes, what not! I even forgot when was the last time I went to the supermarket with this “Shop for 1000/- Get 200/- off!” deal. I open every parcel with so much care and sometimes the product takes me to cloud- nine and the other times it takes me down to the dumps like this.

I saw you – I liked you

I zoomed you – I loved you

I added you – I paid for you

I dreamed of you – I got you

I unpacked you – …….

Yes, it is just a clothing! And yes! we can be doomed if it doesn’t meet our expectation.

Overall, online shopping is fun! It can be addictive too. For instance, every software engineer peeks into a shopping website when he/she is unoccupied. Every person opens a shopping app on the phone when idle or when app notifies. It is not only meant for buyers but also provides a great platform for sellers. Whatever it is, as a regular online shopper, I want to end this post with few

tips while shopping online

  1. Always choose Cash On Delivery option while ordering from an unknown/ suspicious website.
  2. When you like a product, right-click on its image, click “Search Google for this Image” option. This filters all the websites with a similar product and you can compare the prices. (P.S. There are already few websites which compare the prices but they only compare particular websites and not every site.)
  3. Always see the size chart before selecting your size, or you may end up with ill-fitting clothes.
  4. Never buy a product because it is coming for less price. See the quality, it’s use and your necessity of it. ( Tough to implement this right? 😛 )
  5. Compare the product with different sellers. Probability is that other sellers on the same website can offer it for a low price.
  6. Always pay attention to the bill you made and the amount deducted from your bank account.

So on this note, I am finishing this post as a new deal starts in few minutes 😛 😉 LOL! I am open to adding new points to the Do’s & Dont’s which I have mentioned. That way, we can help our fellow online shoppers or newbies 😀

Ciao! 😀